D‑Wave offers education classes on quantum computing and D‑Wave technology. We bring our training materials and interactive tutorial demonstrations to user organizations, and cover everything from the physics of the computer to advanced quantum software development.

Over the past year we have trained hundreds of participants in locations around the world. Recent classes have been conducted for:

  • Hume Center / Virginia Tech
  • Jülich Supercomputing Center
  • CSC Training Center
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Canary Foundation / Stanford
  • Hardis Systems Design

Next Class: Programming a D-Wave System Dec 13 – Dec 14, Arlington, VA

Classes include:

Introduction to Quantum Computing and D‑Wave System (101)

Introduction to Quantum Computing is a full day seminar, reviewing some of the potential approaches to quantum computing and exploring adiabatic quantum computing in particular. The attendees will gain a high-level understanding of the different types of potential quantum computers and become familiar with adiabatic quantum computing, the D‑Wave architecture, and its programming model.

Programming a D‑Wave System  (201)

This is a 3-day class in a lecture / lab format. Labs have step-by-step instructions with support staff to guide attendees and answer questions as they develop their own quantum algorithms. Attendees are exposed to the types of problems and applications suitable for today’s quantum technology. Participants work through labs on a simulator then progress to programming remotely on a live D‑Wave quantum computer.

Advanced Quantum Computing and Technical Exchange (301)

This is a 2-day session designed as a technical exchange between D‑Wave scientists and experienced users of D‑Wave systems. Attendees should have been executing projects on a D‑Wave system for a minimum of 6 months.  The topics covered during an advanced session are customized depending on the attendees’ use cases, focus, challenges and direction.